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Pet Cool Pro Energy

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Pet Cool Pro Energy is a complete and balanced product for active and full-energy adult dogs, or for working dogs, which contributes to an optimal corporal condition, and promotes adequate muscular development thanks to the high levels of protein. DESCRIPTION Pet Cool Pro energy is complete and balanced dog food for active and energetic adult dogs. It is packed with proteins that help with muscle development and offers calories that can sustain the needs of an active dog for a long period. The minerals available in this dog food contribute to their optimum body condition and improves their immune system. Feeding your dog with Pet Cool Pro Energy will help them have healthy skin and a shiny coat thanks to the fats and oils available in the ingredients. COMPOSITION Selected cereals (Wheat 4%, Corn 4%), Meat and animal sub-products. Vegetable sub-products (Beet pulp 4%). Vegetables (Peas 4%), Oils and fats (Chicken oil 4%). Mineral substances. Hydrolysed liver

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